Long-Term Care Insurance

Independence takes careful planning.

No matter how well off you are, the cost of long term care could severely impact your life’s savings. Long Term Care Insurance provides protection for the costs of nursing home stays. Costs for long-term care in a nursing home now exceed $330* per day on average, so it’s easy to see how fast your savings could disappear.

Long-term care is not just about nursing homes.  Most long-term care is needed, and wanted, at home.  Long-term care insurance gives you the flexibility to remain more independent, stay at home longer, and take advantage of more options in getting care.  When the time comes for a nursing home, you will be in the financial position to choose the facility you want.

The cost of long term care insurance depends on your age, the benefits you choose, the length of coverage and other factors. Long term care insurance policies vary widely in the coverage they provide, and consumers are wise to do some research before purchasing any long term care insurance policy.

Planning now can help you enjoy the freedom of a wider variety of choices later in life.  I suggest that you look into long-term care coverage soon to determine whether it is right for you.

Would you be interested in having a conversation about long-term care? Just give Chris a call to set up a convenient appointment.

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* Last updated February 2010

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