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4 easy ways to get a quote!

Getting a quote from us is as simple as deciding what you prefer:

1. Stop by our office. We can review your coverages with you, work up proposals, and complete applications right here – usually in one visit. You get to see our office and meet our staff, then sit down with us to review your specific needs. To arrange an appointment, just give us a call at 589-4477.

2. Fax or drop off your policies. This gives us a head start in comparing your current policies and our coverages. We will still need to call you to fill in a few details. Though we have less opportunity to discuss your coverages with you, this may be the quickest way to get a rough comparison. Just fax your policies to 877-257-9275,  or drop off at 30 North Main Street in Albion.

3. Home visit. We still make house calls! It gives us a chance to get to know you and see your property. We can sit down and discuss your current insurance situation and review the various options that are available to you. A home visit also gives us the best opportunity to estimate the replacement value of your home. If you like this approach, just call us at 589-4477 to set up an appointment.

4. Just call us! If you are just looking for a rough comparison, then give us a call.

Why we don’t quote online: We think it is important to develop a relationship with each of our customers. We want you to know us better so you will feel comfortable calling us when you need help. We need to know more about you so that we can offer you practical advice for your situation. Also, billion-dollar corporations may think they can guarantee the security of your information over the Internet, but we know we can’t.

ERIE, our primary insurance carrier, does provide a new Auto Insurance Quote feature online. For an estimate of your insurance:


We make transferring your insurance easy!

Once you complete your application with us, we take care of the rest. We will contact your old insurance company, send electronic proof of insurance to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, send evidence of insurance to any mortgagees, and arrange for escrow billing. If you receive any requests for information (from banks, the Department of Motor Vehicles, or anyone else), you just forward them to us for handling. We even do any necessary photo inspections of vehicles right at our office!

Important: To ensure that we can consistently offer superior service, our operating area is limited to 30 miles from Albion, NY. We may make exceptions for current customers and their immediate family. We may also accept referrals from current customers when the referred party lives within 1 hour of Albion. Albion Agencies is licensed only in the State of New York.

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