Personal Umbrella Coverage

You have to look no further than your local paper or the Internet to read about the barrage of lawsuits in our court systems today. Settlements in the millions of dollars are more commonplace than ever before. What if you accidentally injure someone and you are the one being sued? Your auto and homeowner’s policies may provide liability coverage, but it may not be enough.

We offer personal umbrella policies (also called excess liability or catastrophe liability) through several companies. A personal umbrella policy provides an additional $1 million or more of coverage over your basic auto and home liability protection. It provides an additional layer of coverage to keep you and your family more financially secure.

A personal umbrella policy typically includes these features:

  • Extra protection if a covered driver causes an accident and is liable for injury to others or property damage.
  • Extra protection if someone is hurt on your property.
  • If you rent, extra protection if you cause damage to your apartment building.
  • Covers family members, worldwide, for actions that may cause injury to others or property damage.

Personal umbrella policies usually start at about $150 in our area for $1,000,000 coverage.

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